View Full Version : Request For Altec N801-8A Schematic

07-29-2005, 09:08 AM
Would anyone have a schematic for an Altec N801-8A network and 30904 attenuator as used in the Santiago 878B?

I am planning on rebuilding and upgrading these networks and I would like to know the value of the inductors so I can order the air coils.

Thanks in advance

01-20-2011, 04:28 AM
Did you find the scheme. I hav ethe same problem
thanks a lot

01-29-2011, 01:38 PM
The N-801 is a textbook crossover. I believe the inductors are 2.2mh. Actually the original inductors are not that bad. To replicate the size in aircore, you would need 12 Ga unit, While you may get away with a 14GA on the HF as it is only a choke, the LF would need to be 12. No matter what you do, you cannot get the inductors inside the case. You will do much better to change the capacitors in the unit. Use a good a MPF cap in the HF, a good standard 100V NP electrolytic will work fine in the LF as it only shapes crossover slope and is not in the signal path. I would treat the attenuator to same way, use good mpfs in the HF signal path and where the resistors are in the signal path, of the HF only, use non inudctive resistor. The original resistors and a good NP electrolytic cap (s) in the LF will agasin be fine. I used to have a drawing of the unit, but is is very simple and you can draw it up by looking at it, the component values are visable.