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Chris Danielcza
07-17-2005, 12:03 AM

I have just joined this forum today and it looks like a great place to get information. I own a pair of L26's which I purchased new almost 30 years ago. To borrow from Mad Magazine: You know your getting old when "The speakers you purchased in your youth are now referred to as VINTAGE". I have always maintained that JBL products are number one for full range applications. I still like Celestion for guitar rig applications. My L26's have served me well over the years. Last year I had to re-surround the woofers as the original foam surround disintegrated over time. The job was a bit tedious but the end result was worth the effort. The tweeters were a different story. As my children were growing up they were tempted by the tweeters to poke in the dust cap and cone. One of the tweeters still responds when you apply a 1.5 volt battery charge to the terminals. The other one makes no sound at all. During my pro audio stint I managed to obtain a pair of JBL 2405 high frequency drivers which I installed in the L26's. If I attenuate the highs by using the crossover network the 2405's are still just to efficient not to mention the fact that their low frequency response starts at about 6K. The N26 crossover network starts passing the highs at 2K. Needless to say there is a gap but they still don't sound too bad. OK...enough of the verbal diarrhea!

My question is, can the LE25-2's be reconed successfully? When I purchased the foam surrounds for the 125A's I was told that cone kits were not available for the LE25-2's. I have recently found repair kits on the net that indicate they will work with the LE25-2's. I was hoping that someone could substantiate whether or not cone kits are available for the LE25-2's that will do the job. If anyone has any comments regarding this issue I would greatly appreciate it.


07-17-2005, 12:19 AM
See D8RLE252 at the bottom of this list. Call Pro Parts for availability. $64 list effective 7/1/05. It's a diaphragm kit, not a cone kit, and you should be able to purchase it. Cone kits are only available to factory service centers....


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Chris Danielcza
07-17-2005, 01:43 AM
Hi Zilch,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have enabled my location information as you suggested. So the kit that you mentioned will do the job? I think that I have stumbled across the above info during the last couple of days. As I mentioned in my original post I was able to replace the foam surround on the 125A's. Do you know if replacing the diaphragms on the tweeters can be accomplished by an average joe or should it be done by a qualified repair shop? I would think that voice coil alignment would be a critical issue regarding the above. What do you think?

07-17-2005, 09:39 AM
Others will have to help you out with that part, as I have never opened one up, and I don't know what comes in the "kit." Typically, you have to run a test sweep with audio generator while assembling to be sure the alignment is good.

I guess my major point is that the JBL factory is your best resource for determining the availablility of the parts you need. It varies from time to time. Often, even the authorized service centers don't know for sure until they (or you) make the determination.

Service centers often have other resources if the part is not available from the factory, as well. The quality of the information and service you get can be a simple matter of how much chop-busting they're willing to do for a $20 job, and how good a customer you are....