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07-14-2005, 12:01 AM
I bought a pair of 4430, and they needed refoaming or reconing. I did the first. And as usual when I do "handcraft" I mess up a little bit. This time no exeption.

I glued the "top cover plates" too close to the outer part of the frame, wich means I can not hook those metal plates into the frame. It is not a very big problem, because the 2235 also has several holes in the frame that I can use.
I am surprised that they have only been attached to the speaker boxes with those 4 metal things, that I tought just was in adition to the screws in the frame itself.
Oh... this was hard to explain....
Now it`s just to wait for the glue to get dry. Speakerrepair recommended to wait for 24 hours, I have now waited 9 hours and dont think I can wait very much longer before I try them out.

07-14-2005, 12:22 AM
You should wait the 24 hours. I understand your anticipation, but I don't think you would want to have to do the refoam again.

I would take an Exacto knife or a Stanley knife and excavate a little of that unused gasket material at the site of each clamp. Try to go in from the side so that you are creating void only where the clamp will be. In the end you're the only one who will be bothered by this little flub.


07-14-2005, 01:56 AM
:no: Please wait.

Speakerdave KNOWS! :D

07-14-2005, 03:31 AM

You didn't use the original gaskets. That's why they do not fit. But no prob. Do as Speakerdave adviced.

BTW: otherwise nice work. Congrats :yes:

07-15-2005, 04:03 AM
now u can play with them?:D tell us what you think.

07-15-2005, 04:08 AM
Boy, they can PLAY! No wonder why so many of you are so fond of them.

Seems like there are no end of the headroom. And they are a good match for my B460 also. I have put the crossover point down to 63Hz. I love my new speakers!:applaud:

07-15-2005, 04:16 AM
"And they are a good match for my B460 also."

WOW i bet thay are. i have them without sub, but can imagine.......WOHOOO!
really nice speakers anyho.

nu förstår du varför jag ångrade mig?

what amp and stuff u drive these beasts with?

07-15-2005, 04:27 AM
All right, all right... Let me tell you the full story, no matter how embarressing it is. I exitedly connected the cables, and put on music. I was first schocked that the left speaker was almost not working. I paniced a little bit, and thought that I either had bought a pair of damaged speakers, or that I had damaged them myself when refoaming. But the sound was clear as it should. And after a couple of nervouse moments, I found that my daughter had been on the preamp turning the balance knob :rotfl:
Next: I was very surprised that those speakers had so little bass. I tried several records, some of them with pretty much volume in the bottom, but they did not impress me at all. I thought it could possible be a room problem, because I have moved them over to a wall different from early speaker placement.
I walked towards the left speaker to take off the front cloth, and realised the bass was much more powerful when I was very near the speaker. And took a look benind to see what I could find out of there. I had an idea of what could cause the lack of bass. And I gues you all have understood it has something to do with pluss and minus.
I am shame tomyself for doing such a foolish mistake, and even more shame to tell it out to all you guys. LOL.
Now its time to rock and roll!:band:


07-15-2005, 07:20 AM
what amp and stuff u drive these beasts with?[/QUOTE]

I have a Nakamichi CA5e II pream. And a Nakamichi PA5eII poer amplifier.
From the model, it sounds like a PA amplifier, but it is not. It is a home thing.
2x150w in 8 ohm, huge heat sinks on the sides. Very very sexy little beast.
That one is now running the 4430s

For the sub, I use a Adyton XP3D. I bet that one is unknown to all of you.
It is a PA amp, 2x320w in 8 ohm. Fan cooled.
Adyton is/was a norwegian company that made very very good amplifiers both for PA and home use. They had a model 3b, that was widely known in high end cicrles all over, and were high ranked in Stereophile and other magazines. Unfortunately, the price was very very high. The same Adyton 3b was used for another company, Forsell, that at least those of you from Sweden should know. Forsell Statement was made by Adyton, and was the same thing as 3b.
I wish I had them, but I "only" have the XP3D


07-15-2005, 01:23 PM
Congratulations on getting them running again!

Must be killer with B460; they have good bass to start with by themselves.

4430's are a forum favorite. You will enjoy them for years to come, most likely. :yes: