View Full Version : Anybody wanna reassemble/ build a pair of JBL L40s for themselves?

08-19-2003, 06:52 PM
Hey, I was just told about some stuff available...

Our local JBL pro parts guy, apparently has inherited a decent pair of JBL L40 cabinets (033 and 127H 10"). He said he had both tweeters (need diaprhagm kits, but rebuildable), but the cabinets had come in with both woofers missing.

He had mentioned to me earlier, and I confirmed, that he had a single 127H basket, that could be reconed easily. So, ONE woofer accounted for, potentially.

I also remembered, and today confirmed, that ANOTHER reconer in our area, also has a SINGLE 127H hanging on the display wall of his shop, ready to go. Bingo, SECOND woofer confirmed available.

So, if anyone wanted them, it would be possible to assemble a factory-correct-equipment pair of L40s...

If anyone is interested, email me, and I'll put you in touch with both of these guys. They both know I'm kinda "putting out a line" for them, and should know what's going on if called about it.

Be aware, we're not talking bargain-basement here... but we are talking about almost all new driver moving assemblies here... so it should be a RIGHT pair, as far as function goes, no questions...