View Full Version : Adding the 075 and 7000XO to Apollo

06-25-2005, 09:23 PM
Well, after allowing the parts to sit around my home for at least a year and a half, yesterday in the 95 degree heat in my garage I finally began to add a set of 075 tweeters and a 7000 crossover to my Apollo speaker system. (LE15 and 85's and LX5's) Sweat oh my yes! First I pulled all the parts out of the cabinets, did some measurements for placement, and then cut the new mounting holes for a pair of 075's and the 7000 crossover. No problems with the cut outs at all! Then the mounting of the 075's. Then the sweat got heavy! Man, it was a pain in the butt getting those mounting rings to tighten around the 075's. I just couldn't get the right angel on the screw and nut to make it tight. Now maybe I was going about it wrong. I first mounted the ring to the back of the baffle board. Then I slid the 075 with wires on in from behind and then tried to get it to tighten. I did get it to work after what seemed like forever. The second cabinet was even harder to work with. Now I'm not new to this stuff, but come on, it should not have taken the better part of the day to do it. Then I ran out of black connecting wire and had to stop cause it was time to go out to dinner. This morning, Saturday, I did pick up some more wire, but I had too many other jobs to get back to them today. Plus I had to go to work at 6PM. Since I work both Saturday night and Sunday night, 12 hour shifts in the hospital. I don't plan to get back to them until Tuesday morning. At which time I will give them a listen to see if it was worth all the sweating. Why do all jobs take longer the older you get???? I'll let you know how this all turns out. My next speaker job is to move all the guts on a pair of Lancer 99's to a better Lancer 99 cabinet. Then there's all those grill cloth jobs. Oh well perhaps when I retire. Cheers, Frank

06-26-2005, 04:39 AM
You could tighten the mounting ring on the 075 before sliding it into place. Then use bolts through the baffle and nuts behind the mounting ring.

06-26-2005, 04:17 PM
Yeah, I could of done that, but I used "T" nuts to rear mount the rings to the baffle so it would look more professional. Plus, getting a wrench on the nuts once in the baffle would be just as tough times three. Looking at it now a good way to have done it would be to use clip on nuts to the ring ala car fasteners. This would just be a screw on from the front and not a big problem like it is now. Thanks for your input on this matter. I think the heat and the sweating made it far worse than it should have been. If I had done this in the winter like I should have it would have been an enjoyable project. Cheers, Frank