View Full Version : 2206 box options

06-23-2005, 12:02 PM
Hello All

Has anyone experimented with a 2206 in a sealed box ? it looks quite good by TS analysis. I am trying to make a smallish speaker using the 2206 and a ribbon tweeter crossing around 1400 Hz. I know it is a bit high for the 2206 but anyway. 32 Liters tuned to ~60Hz looks good with an f-3 at 64 Hz. However a sealed box at the same size would require some boost in the lower region to be flat(not a problem using active crossover and dsp). Has anyone tried this ?

The speaker will be put in a corner with the woofer close to the ceiling and pointing towards the listening position. how much room gain can I expect ?.

I am crossing over to a 2245 based sub preferably at a low frequency due to a rather large distance between the sub and the mains.

Cheers and take care with the table saw :)