View Full Version : 034 TWEETER

06-01-2005, 12:05 PM
I bought a pair of l-46 to be used in my ht. I have been accumilating parts for five speakers. Just got the only complete speakers I've bought and replaced the rotted foam woofers with better pair gotten earlier. Played them and was disappointed in the sound. The tweeters still had the screening on them. Put a strong light on them and the aluminium plating was mostly gone from the domes. They were not dimpled or pushed in and the screen was perfect. Does not look like anything was touching. Can these tweeters just wear off the plating? Put another pair of tweeters in the speakers and they sound great now. So the problem is the tweeters that are missing some of the plating (vapor deposit?). Around sixty percent of the silver is missing. How long are these good for?