View Full Version : HELP! Foilcal screen partially peels off.

05-31-2005, 02:33 PM
Hey all... here's a first serious F*#%-up for me after almost a dozen restorations.

Working on a pair of 4311's for a family friend.... I was pulling the masking tape off the baffle and a small area of the screenprint tore off the foilcal effectively removing the "Model" text and damaging the "4" in 4311.

I desparately need a single 4311 foilcal. Can ANYONE help me out? I will try to stall the restoration... but I need this foilcal pretty fast..

What's worse my stomach after seeing the thing or the elderly gentleman I was simply trying to help out. I don't want to tell him out of fear it will kill him!

PM me ASAP if you have a solution or a DOA cab with a good foilcal. Talked to J-pro, indeed haven't found anything since they cleaned out the singles last year.

...the cabs look great otherwise...:o:

05-31-2005, 03:17 PM
Take some Tums and you should be ok.:p

Mr. Widget
06-04-2005, 11:02 AM
If you are steady handed I can help you get the missing letters recreated as rub down transfers. They are not as durable as the original screen printed text, but will look the same, especially to older eyes and will be your quickest fix.

Here is a small jpeg of the artwork I generated for Guido a while back when he was recreating 4343 logos. (Obviously we will need to rescale the artwork and create white type.)

We could scale the "MODEL 4" to work for your 4311.


06-04-2005, 02:21 PM
I have been quite amazed at the outpouring of help on this in the last 24 hours...

Widget- Thanks for the offer... I will keep that definately on the front burner as my back up plan. I like the idea of transfer appliques in general. I had not thought of that. The orange logo would come in handy as well I would imagine. I wonder if enough people would chip in to run a "set" or logos and the common letters, words, numbers, etc... it would be great to have in the general toolbox. :applaud:

My other "back-up" was an offer by member bbrown to replicate with a print. :applaud:

But... this morning I received a very generous offer of assistance by way of a "spare" foilcal from another Bay Area forum member... Much thanks will be bestowed on him (if the secret ID is revealed.....) -Dave :applaud:

For future reference... and generally to fix any scratches, etc...
Generally, the idea of rub off transfers is a great one.

Which spray paint blends best with the original? Flat or satin?
Best acrylic topcoat? I was planning to use Deft....

I'm sure that fixing foilcals is a more common need than the history in this forum would indicate. Maybe my ignorant F*-up can be used to help others. I know now to look closer for previous unseen damage... painters tape is not THAT sticky....

Thanks to all who have contacted me. Now... I just need to get the old one off to make a place for the new one when it arrives! :blink: What has me worried is if there was water damage to the particle board underneath? Any suggestions outside of the great thread about removing foilcals?

06-04-2005, 02:26 PM
Take some Tums and you should be ok.:p

BTW: I think that a couple Zanex and a bottle of Cab was more the right prescription... :blink: