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Mike C
08-13-2003, 04:07 PM
Computers, aren't they great. If you have regretted anything you have said or perhaps spelt something wrong, or perhaps got a gripe with someone just DELETE it. This won't be much of a historical site if people just delete stuff when they feel like it.
Don you have ended a thread because you have the power to do so, I don't think that is healthy for a public forum either. Some thinking is needed to ensure this kind of thing doesn't occur in the future, struture? grammar? save these things for the main site, as that is the archive. If threads are transfered to the main site from time to time it would be proper to correct any mistakes then.
Most people in chat rooms, forums etc use a kinds of short hand and mis-spellings in order to keep up with the speed of it all. The important thing is be able to have your say or if you don't know something, to at least have the ability to ask a question without been grilled over how you have put your question! Most of us, me in particular are novices in this field and toying around with this stuff is our hobby, I change my mind frequentley about what to build buy etc because there is so much info on this site it's hard to keep focused on one idea. To me that is the fun of it. My questions, statements etc may seem stupid to some but they are important to me, I get asked some real corkers every day in my work but I answer them as honestly and factual as I can, and most important in a language they can understand. ( without laughing at how they have stated it ) I'm very respected in my industry, and when I put my views forward people usually listen. I don't think many of them would be to happy if I retracted everything I have stated, written etc over the past few years.
Some times the most intelligent people can be so bum, ask Giskard one more time if he would be kind enough to re post his threads, if not lets move on.
Mike C.

08-13-2003, 09:23 PM
Hi Mike....
I agree and disagree with you. While I hate censorship, it's my opinion that Don was acting in best interests of the forum. I think to move forward we must refocus on Audio. I would hate have potential members, particularly informed ones (audio wise) puruse the forum and see it overwhelmed with a philisophical/political debate, and leave deeming it (the forum) a waste of time.
I wish Giskard would reconsider his actions, but Don gave him the power and he used it, unwisely IMO unfortunatley.

Mike C
08-14-2003, 01:02 AM
Hi Kelly, your right mate. I guess whats done is done and as you rightly say the focus should be on audio!. Don has done a fabulous job on this site to date and I hope he keeps doing so. My hope is that he can find some more time to add more stuff to the main site to keep it interesting. Anyway thats me done, thanks for your reply.