View Full Version : A Lansing Heritage Speaker Museum ?

05-29-2005, 08:41 AM
There should be a Lansing Heritage Speaker Museum : Harman should take care of it .

Some of the issues and frustrations on this great site remind me of a similar situation with the french car maker CitroŽn. Having been a member of CitroŽn clubs in the eighties, help from the importers or from the CitroŽn factory was and is poor. They did not and do not want anything to do with their older legendary models, for marketing reasons. A little example : in 1994 an employee took pictures of 3 recently discovered pre-WWII 2CV pre-series cars in their "secret" test site of Fertť-Vidame, he gave the pictures to the media in the fear that CitroŽn might destroy the cars ! A large car constructor hostile to it's own legacy ! Apparently since 2002 a little sense has reluctantly come into the CitroŽn heads as they opened a "conservatoire" for their cars : a big storage hall where their collection of cars is for rest. Twenty years too late !

From what I read on the forum JBL and Harman have more common sense than to wait twenty years before getting into action. Luckily, JBL's do not rust so fast as french cars.