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John Y.
05-25-2005, 02:14 PM
Hi to all,

I am in the final stages of my dual 2206H center channel and I want to pass along a tip on locating the mounting holes. What I did was place the 2206 onto the perfect 11 1/16" driver cutout. Very little lateral movement was detected, so I know that their spec for mounting hole is correct. I then placed a 1/4" x 1" electrical spacer which had a 3/16" center hole into each of the speaker holes, drilled 3/16" through the center hole and dropped a 3/16" rivet into each hole as I proceeded so as to maintain the alignment. Beats trying to measure 11 9/16" across the speaker hole at exactly 45 or 90 deg. spacing (depending on number of mounting screws).

Second part of this is a question. JBL supplies with the 2206H a thin black ring to use as a gasket. Similar to the white rings they used to seal some of the earlier drivers, horns, and crossovers. My 4648A's came with cardboard gaskets installed. I figure that the mounting hole has to be pretty precise for this to work (and mine is). It is a little difficult to mount the gasket on the driver because it easily slips off. With a little practice, I have mastered it, however. My question is: Would I be OK using the black ring, or is a more optimum solution to get (or make) a cardboard gasket?

Thanks, J. Yo (not to be confused with J. Lo, but I can copy, can't I?)

05-25-2005, 03:03 PM
Think it depends on how precise you cut the mounting hole. I just order the cardboard gaskets for JBL Pro and use those.