View Full Version : FREE Acoustic (Excel) Calculator downloads!

08-11-2003, 04:08 AM
www.pvconsultants.com/audio/frdgroup.htm (http://www.pvconsultants.com/audio/frdgroup.htm)

Found this site full of Excel spreadsheet speaker box, room response, filter design and other goodies you guys may want to play with. I have only begun to try the Unibox calculator, since it was the only one I could get so far in straight XLS form to work on my Mac. The site master has agreed to supply me with the uncompressed XLS files for some of the others. You PC guys should be able to download all of them no problema w/ Excel.

They look very nice for freeware. Be sure to download the Design Database files for drivers. Most JBL's and many Altec's are included in the DDBase628.ddb file. Let us know what you think.

Martin W.
Wizard Labs