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Mike C
08-08-2003, 07:48 AM
hey guys, today I bought my girlfriend her first pair of JBL speakers. She wanted a home theatre system so I opted for the Northridge series. As her budget is limited we decided to get the rears first, model N-28. We got them home and upacked them to see a very asthetically funky little speaker, the build seemed to be typical of most massed produced speaker systems ( a little light on ). By the way I saw the "made in Mexico sticker", ( whats worse Mexico or China ) from where I'm standing who cares. The sound!, well it was very impressive for a 8" two way. Not with standing they are new and no burn in time, they are spacious and a little forward ( typical of most JBL products ) although not much happens under 80 cycles (one of my 18" 2241's fixed that ). Well couriosity got to me I dragged out an old pair of Decade 16's I have to see how the vintage 8" two ways stacked up against JBL's latest consumer models. A famous old Aussie saying came to mind, " age shall not weary them" . I think may be JBL has let there guard down a little, they have used a little different bait on their hook and gone for the new age look and not the golden sound they have built their name on. Maybe I'm been a little harsh though as my gf loves them and that makes me very happy as guess what I'm gettin tonight! :

08-08-2003, 08:55 AM
He Mike!

You say it!

I owned a pair of L90 build in 1996. Don't know wether they were ever available in Australia. Great sounding speaker with 12" Bass, 4" Midrange and Dome tweeter from the famous Ti 250.

Now I reconstructed a pair of 4343 (see my post "I'm a lucky man").

Wow, thats sound. Forget the L90!

08-08-2003, 09:03 PM
"guess what I'm gettin tonight and...

"decided to get the rears first"
seems pretty self-explanatory! Ha!

Well, er, uh, good for you!

I had a similar pleasure with rebuilding some L26's, and have also settled into a simply phenomenal pair of 4301B's that continue to surprise.

"Old stuff is Good", if not "best".