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08-06-2003, 12:40 AM
I had a guy call me wanting to sell his Metregon.
He said it was an older one made in 1950.
It is two way loaded with a 175 horn and a D 130 woofer.
And presumably an N1200 xover, I didn't ask.

I don't need it and don't particularly want it with those components, unless I'm totally clueless about the 175.

How much hassle is it to retrofit as a 3 way?

And what is a fair price? The guy is asking around 4800 US, but he will come down.

Mr. Widget
08-06-2003, 09:20 AM
JBL Dog is your man. He has two Metregons and is very familiar with them. If he doesn't comment on this thread send him a private message.

As far as those components go, I couldn't agree more, there are a lot of people who love that combination. Maybe they only listen to 78s.:D

I believe JBL Dog recently upgraded to a 375 based system, you might ask about that. I had a pair of the H5040 horns on LE85s as is frequently used in Metregons and wasn't very thrilled with their sound, but I haven't heard them in a Metregon. The unique cabinet design may smooth out their response.

08-09-2003, 10:33 PM
I've been a little little vacation to Chi-town and didn't have access to a computer. Okay, I wasn't permitted to use one!!:banghead:

A C45 Metregon is worth $1,500+ depending on cabinet condition and what it is loaded with.

rgrjit8: The Metregon you referenced in your post would have to be in mint condition to be worth $4,800.... I'm talking "insanely" mint! The Metregon you see pictured in my "avatar" was originally loaded with similar components you described being offered to you (130A, 175, N1200). My cabinet is in above average condition. The only flaws are some minor water damage and a few dings (overall, a conservative 8.5/10). I paid less than half of the $4,800 ask you are looking at.

My 3-way system consists of a "poor-mans" S82 system. (JBL lists an S82 as (2 each) LE15A, 375, 075, H5041, LX5 and N7000. I opted for the more cost effective LE15, 2440, 075, H5041, LX5 and 3105). I am truly impressed with the way it sounds. Very smooth and warm. Vocals are excellent! The 2-way ain't bad, however......

The only potential roadblock to upgrading to a 3-way system is the "bent" H5041 horn for the 375/2440 driver. Extremely rare! It was made primarily for the C45, but there were some sold "ala-carte".

A fair price?? Start at $2k and go up based on cabinet condition.

Good Luck!

This message comes from JBL Dog :band:

08-09-2003, 11:23 PM
Thanks Dog,

I've already determined from sniffing around that the guy was asking at least 2500 too much from an American point of view. Due to shipping charges and punitive customs duties, he is about average for this country.

While I was out and about I found another one in shameful condition where the asking price was over 6 grand. It needed to be refinished.

If I ever buy one again it won't be till I come back to the US.