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04-22-2005, 08:44 PM
I realise to some extent this is going over old ground but can find little discussion on the Meyer modded 2441s or the Radians.

Firstly my impressions of other's opinions and technical data gleaned from here and other sources (my apologies if I have got this wrong)

1. There appears to be a preference for Al diaphragms for home use amongst most members though some prefer the Ti. I understand this is because the Al exhibits lower distortion because of better dampening.

2. Of the Als. the 2441s have more followers than the earlier 2440s.

3. The latest coated 2451SP Ti diaphragm is also well regarded

4. The phenolics have the benefit that they can be used with lower LF cutoffs but need to supported by a lower cutoff HF unit.

5. The Ti units offer the benefit of greater durability and extended HF response which can avoid the need of a HF unit if used with the right horn.

Please correct me if any of the above is innaccurate or misleading. I am not an expert on this, merely stating impressions to check if I have it right.

Now a couple of questions.

Is the reason for the preference of the 2441 over the 2440 mainly related to its extended HF response or does it have other intrinsic benefits over the 2440.

Now the Meyer modded 2441 would appear to have less HF extention than a regular 2441 due to its dampening. Accepting that and used with an appropriate HF unit, how does it compare to the other diaphragms? Has anyone done any measurements with it?

Similarly I would be interested in members impressions of the Radian units.