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04-22-2005, 09:30 PM
Hello All

Finally got that pair of L300s that I have wanted since 1978 when I worked in a HIFI store that sold JBL. They were on ebay, but happened to be local. My SAE A501 works them out just fine. Three items:

1) Does anyone sell JBL grill(e) pegs..got the 3/8 dowel goin now, what a bummer... would like the real deal.

2) Got a less than brilliant 077, and suspect the crossover caps. This 077 had been repaired by JBL (I see my very own writing on the service sticker on the driver from pre 1980). Where is a good place to get new caps in this SMD world?

3) I see an article to get new glass (few scratches here), but does anyone know of a for-sure source to get the black velvet cardboard under the glass..cannot seem to find it locally.

BTW this is a great site- I never knew it existed. I love that we can all share this passion!


04-22-2005, 09:44 PM
Welcome Dave

Grille pegs I think we just had a thread about that.


Caps well do a search and you will find lots of information about different types and crossover topologies. There are plenty of places like Parts Express and several others. You can get Mylar replacement or upgrade to Polypropylenes either Foil or Metalized. Sure the diaphrams aren't fragged?? I opened a pair of 2405's and was amazed what had managed to get inside. Hows the potentiometer??

The Felt Cardboard?? I had a Jubal and was considering replacing it with shirt cardboard with the self adhessive black felt on top. Never did it though.


04-22-2005, 10:50 PM
You can go to a good framing shop that sells frames, portraits, and the carboard crap that you put around pictures. The shop near me at hammond photography had 1000s of samples. One happened to be the black felt look a like that came with the Jubals and the L300s. I gave them my old worn out cardboard and they made an exact fit. They are closed now but you can buy that "Matting" and any good framing shop.