View Full Version : Best use for 16 ohm D-130 pair?

03-19-2005, 11:48 PM
I was thinking about the Decware 'modified Jensen Imperial' plans and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? This would be for a center/mono speaker for the home theatre and mono records. I have L-300 mains and 2 subwoofers so the lowest bass is not what I'm after... just the foundation for a good speaker. Then see what E-bay has for single mids and T's. I get the impression that folded horns are terribly unpredictable, and due to this enclosures' size, this would be pretty limited as far as placement options.
Really my question is about the suitability of the enclosure for paralleled D-130 drivers about which i know practically nothing. (Qts, Xmax, anyone?)
Vintage sound is not what I'm after. JBL sound is!
Btw. I just bought a Mits. DLP display so i dont have to worry about stray mag. fields anymore. The old sony didnt have quite enough service menu adjustment to completely ignore the mains in the best sounding position.