View Full Version : Dimensions for 2342 horn?

Don Mascali
03-14-2005, 11:42 AM
Can someone give me the area taken up on the baffle by this horn? I need to know how much room to leave between the 2123s.

I'm "supposed" to have one on order from JBL and I would like to get going on my MTM center project.

Many thanks for any help,

Don M

03-14-2005, 12:15 PM
2342 (4425, right?) is 8.75" wide by 9" high here.

Recheck ("Measure twice...."): 8-11/16" wide, actually.

Earl K
03-14-2005, 01:03 PM
Zilch ,

How about the hole cutout size ?

Thanks ! :)

Don Mascali
03-14-2005, 01:48 PM
OK, so 9" if I lay it on the side sounds good.

I ended up using the 2344 horns with the ports for the new sides so the 2342 w/2416H it has to be. Hopefully JBL will ship the 2342 soon. If not they are available used from the company whos name escapes me at the moment.

I put the new side speaker in the center temporarily and it does make quite a difference. I used the 2344 modified with 2425J and some 12" Selenium #WPU-2205 8 ohm that I had on hand. They spec very closely to a 2206H. I will get the JBL drivers as the budget allows.
Thanks for the quick response,

Don M