View Full Version : Review: KlarkTeknik DN370 graphic equalizer

03-12-2005, 03:59 PM
Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!! New Gear!!! :applaud:

KlarkTeknik DN370 (http://www.klarkteknik.com/dn370.htm): Analogue, 30-band, Proportional-Q, variable Low and High Pass Filters, variable Notch Filters (two, overlapping - 20Hz to 2kHz and 200Hz to 20kHz)

This is a beauty. Trialed it last night FOH on the mains, and had the best sound, to-date. Very, very clean - transparent.

Variable Notch filters are VERY powerful tools, >18dB attenuation, Q=32

We have played this club many, many times, and last night I had the least filtering ever for this joint. A couple of well located notch filters, one at 90Hz augmented by further attenuation on the relevant fader gave me -30dB (at very high Q) there for some nasty room resonance, and -18dB at 250Hz (notch filter alone) cleared up some endemic muddiness.

The Proportional-Q (versus prior Symmetrical-Q model) seems to have reduced / eliminated "ripple" effects. The result is remarkably increased clarity (and what I had before was fantastic).


03-13-2005, 11:41 PM
Thanks for the heads up bo.Had no idea it even existed.

Guess its gonna replace the 360s.

Me,I"m stickin with my blue faced MXR units (kidding)