View Full Version : What amps to use with JBL XPL-200's in a bi-amped setup

07-13-2003, 05:46 PM
Just wanted some input and advice as to what amps would best suit JBL XPL-200 Speakers in a bi-amp setup and what configuration? Eg: Multiple amps, one per frequency per speaker or one per high/low frequency pr speaker?

Also.....comments on whether you would use a solid amp for the low frequcy and tube for the high or use the same type for both frequencies? I have read a lot audiophile say solid bottom and tube high is the best way to go but this inhertibly has problems with phasing across frequncies, amongst other problems as well. I would think that using the same type using the same amps for multiple amp setup is the way to go? Your thoughts.....

Anyone from JBL direct could suggest amp setups fore this?

I know that this requires some investment to make this happen but not to the point where it will rediculously break the point....within reason which I am sure you can uderstand.