View Full Version : You guys were right!

02-06-2005, 08:12 PM
I own a pair of L100T's which I have posted about a few times in the past. Main problem was the woofers bottoming out with relatively low power inputs. I ended up replacing the spiders on the woofers and the voice coil seems to be centered correctly now.
Up to now I did not have the courage to try them with my 280wpc Peavey amp but I had a mixer available today and gave it a try. Just like I was told, they had no problem reproducing low bass notes with that amp. I even tried (gradually) increasing the bass EQ to exaggerated levels with CD's that had serious low notes and right up to clipping (clipping lights were barely blinking) and the speakers just kept playing. I could feel my shirt vibrating against my back on some of those notes:D
Interestingly, going from a 60wpc Adcom power amp to the 280wpc Peavey was not THAT much louder (as expected) but it was nice to know the JBL's could take it without damage.