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scott fitlin
07-10-2003, 08:20 PM
So I went and did it! After many months of deliberating over these I finally, after having heard them several times, even mounted on 2395 lens horns, went and ordered six TAD 4002 mid drivers. These are going to replace my JBL 2441 drivers which have been in service since 1980. They served me well, and I loved their sound, but the TAD 4002 is just that phenomenal.

The depth and clarity they have is simply outstanding. The transient response is so fast. TAD says this is the work of the berrylium diaphragm . And they have such a clean, smooth sound.

The only drawback to TAD is the price. And they are unbelievably expensive! But they will be with me for as many years as the JBL,s so its ok. :D

Mr. Widget
07-11-2003, 01:27 AM
Hey Scott,

Why did you go with the 4002 over the 4001?

scott fitlin
07-11-2003, 02:27 PM
1. Price. 1200 a driver as compared to 1600 a driver.

2. I listened to the 4002 and the 4001 side by side and I prefered the 4002. The neodymium magnet gives the driver a sound that works with todays music. Both the 4001 and 4002 use the same diaphragm.

3. TAD is actually producing the 4002 and they are discontinuing the 4001.

Mostly I went with what my ears told me to go with. I originally was looking at the 4001 but I heard 2 speakers side by side that had the same TAD 1603 woofers, but one speaker had the 4001 and the other the 4002. The 4002 sounds amazing. Its really quick, clear and smooth. I even listened to CD,s through this driver and couldnt believe how good it sounded. So, I chose the 4002.

Mr. Widget
07-11-2003, 02:38 PM
What horn were you listening to?

Did the 4002 have a more extended high end?

07-11-2003, 02:54 PM

Have you compare the 4002 driver with JBL2450 ?


scott fitlin
07-11-2003, 03:18 PM
I run my compression drivers from 750hz to 7K. What got my attention with the 4002 was the clarity and depth the sound has. Basically, CD,s through these sounded the way music used to sound back in the day. The TAD drivers are crystal clear yet very smooth and never harsh. Strings have a LUSH sound through these drivers that even JBL cant match!

The JBL 2450. I listened to that driver many times and its been around for a while now. Sorry, but it doesnt cut it. I DONT like the sound of those titanium diaphragms, and the 2450 doesnt come close to the TAD in terms of resolution and naturalness!

I have also heard JBL,s drivers that use berrylium diaphragms and in my honest opinion JBL berrylium isnt as good as TAD berrylium. Apparently, JBL manufactures their berrylium phragms with a different method. TAD does it the old way, sputtering rather than cold rolled, and this makes the difference.

I have done much research, as the TAD,s cost MAJOR bucks. And at this price point I dont want to make a mistake. I know for a fact that berrylium diaprhagms sound superior to titanium. I look at the drivers and the TAD is so precisely machined its a work of art. I LISTEN and let my EARS decide what I like! And my ears fell for the TAD 4002 each and every time!

BTW, Mr. Widget, if you mount these on a suitable horn they go out to 20K very nicely. I am mounting them on JBL 2395 lens horns, which my freind Shorty has already done at a club called Stereo in Montreal. Everyones raving about how great it sounds. I will be powering my mid horns with a Bryston 3B ST amp. This combination really works. I will be using a mint pair of Crown MX-4 xovers for the full range.

The first time I heard TAD was in 1978 at Studio 54, where they had 4001,s on JBL 2395,s. Even then, they were noticeably amazing sounding. The midrange was so clear, but never harsh or screamy. This was a Richard Long sound system, and there was another even more famous club with an RLA system. The Paradise garage. Richard used the gauss 4000 series drivers on the lenses at Garage. They sounded good, but could get a bit squawky sounding when overdriven. Of ALL the nightclubs I always thought Studio had the BEST sounding midrange. Fast forward to today. I have been using JBL 2441,s religiously since 1980! They are amazing with GOOD, properly made music. But with todays digital sources they get kind of brittle and edgy sounding. The TAD 4002 really works flawlessly wit TODAYS digital sources. I kid you not, I listened to CD,s through the 4002 and was overwhelmed by the depth and smoothness, without being too forward or brittle sounding. And CD,s are NOT known for sounding like this!

I also was on the phone with TAD for a good long hour, and THEY told me they have the 4001,s in stock, but they have AUDIOPHILE types using the 4002 with exceptional results. They left the choice up to me, but recommended the 4002. I must say, I agree with their recommendation. :D

Mr. Widget
07-11-2003, 06:10 PM
When you get them installed in your system, you will have to give us an update as to the subtle or not so subtle differences between the old 2441s that you are familiar with in that system and the new TADs.

scott fitlin
07-11-2003, 06:27 PM
I will definitely post my reviews of this excellent driver.

I am also going ALL Bryston on my full range. Three 4B,s to power the 15,s, A 3B for the horns and one 2B for my bi-radial tweeters. I will also be using two BGW model 200,s on my sixteen 2402,s and three BGW 750G,s on my main stack subwoofers and either a Crown Macro-Tech 3600 or a BGW GTA on my 4 J-horns.


07-11-2003, 07:50 PM
Enjoy the new system. I sold my expensive stuff and had a inground pool put in... Its filling now. I may drown myself I dont know yet.

scott fitlin
07-11-2003, 10:11 PM
Originally posted by MikeM
Enjoy the new system. I sold my expensive stuff and had a inground pool put in... Its filling now. I may drown myself I dont know yet. Mike, if you cant swim, make sure you put on a life jacket before you get into the pool. Enjoy your new pool. Maybe a little poolside bar-B-Q? :cool:

07-12-2003, 12:34 AM
"2. I listened to the 4002 and the 4001 side by side and I prefered the 4002. The neodymium magnet gives the driver a sound that works with todays music. "
Hi Scott,So would this be your driver of choice for music reproduction of material that is not "todays music"? Todays music in many cases is square wave,digitally over compressed noise.I understand your choice for your application and agree with you, but for a different listening palet and different choice of musical material would you choose the same driver if funds were not an issue?Both the 4001 and 4002 drivers are incredable sounding however my preference leans toward the 4001.I also agree with your comment about the JBL berrylium diaphragm used in the 2435H driver.Definately an edgy sort of sound.I must come up and listen to that system of yours! Do audio guys get free rides??Best regards,Oldmics

Dave G
07-12-2003, 10:17 AM
:smooth-sa These are new LOL.

A friend raves about a club in Ibiza back in 88. Big plate horns,tweeters on poles and concrette bass boxes. Powered by racks and racks of DCA 300.

Best sound in ever heard in his life, A mixture of balearic beats and that new fangled house music!

No doubt this gear ending up in the bin many years ago:(

scott fitlin
07-12-2003, 10:18 PM
The TAD 4002 sounds good with whatever music you put through it. Old or new! I happen to like the 4001 but there is a particular characteristic to the 4002 that I really fell in love with. It has such a depthy sound. Thers a lushness to it that just takes me away. However, I understand what your saying too OldMics, the 4001 alnico is a bit different, and its great, but I find my ears leaning toward the 4002,s softer sound characteristic. I listened to classical music through the 4002 and it performs wonderfully. Remember, this ride runs at nightclub volume levels, so really clear, never harsh or fatiguing is an issue with me.

Dave, this system kicks major ass! Every system is different and mine is set up a certain way. And it sounds real good.

Yes Audioheritage guys can have free rides! :cheers:

P.S. I mention that the TAD 4002 has a lushness to the sound. Particularly with strings and one of the cuts that I listened to through the TADs was MFSB- Love is the Message. It was wonderful. What else can I say except I really dig the way these drivers sound! :rock-on:

scott fitlin
07-13-2003, 11:37 PM
If anyone has any interest in any TAD products, my friend Shorty is an authorized TAD dealer! You can contact him at www.systemsbyshorty.com for any TAD items.


07-19-2017, 04:20 PM
I know this is an old thread but has anyone compared the EV DH1A ? Thoughts ?