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01-16-2005, 08:55 PM
I have a pair of L100 in quite reasonable condition - purchased NEW in 1978, and just let do their thing ever since. However, now we are starting to play around with these things - I guess it is time to see what they can do after 27 years of accepting what comes out of the box - so I am moving them around my listening room etc etc. But, one of the cross-overs has a problem I suspect - play around with brilliance and presence settings, and the knobby-thingo on one box is much easier to move than that on the other. Also getting a bit of crackle from the "loose" one.
A thousand years ago I would have pumped some carbon tetrachloride into the pot and let it go. But on the L100 that doesn't look to be that easy, even if it is a good idea. After all the knooby-thingo is really a button and you can't get anywhere near the shaft to pump greenhouse-friendly versions of carbon-t - even if there is a shaft in there somewhere. Maybe it is actually a multi-segmented switch??
Anyway - regardless - can any one advise if there is an adjustment if I was to go to the trouble of removing the networks to do anything. Secondly - is it a good idea to pump anything into the crossovers - am I going to short-circuit something and cause big problems? :(
Then comes a whole heap of other questions - like is it possible that cleaning terminals or replacing internal cabling/wires would help improve things?
Thanks in advance!!

Don C
01-16-2005, 11:26 PM
You will have to click through a few pages, but this thread describes what we did with the crossovers for the raffle L-100s. As you will see, it is unlikely that you could actually get any contact cleaner into those L-pads from the outside.

01-17-2005, 02:15 PM
Thanks Don - maybe I will do a Project May-style renovation on them. The cabinets themselves fine, but the foam grills were replaced with cloth by JBL in Australia years ago, and the agent is currently getting new tweeter foam for me. It is what's going on inside that would be interesting.

Those Project May speakers look fantastic, so maybe I will revert to foam grills too - a real nostalgia trip ahead, to go with my 200-odd 1960's 45s...most of which I now have on CD anyway...