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jorrit bierma
07-05-2003, 04:48 AM
dear readers

i'm a cabinet constructor in holland, several weeks ago a customer came to me with a speaker for a jbl subwoofer.
hisquestion, can you build a cabinet wich looks exactly like my original cabinet.
answer was.... offcause i can, it will even look better!!!!
don't need to say much when the customer came last week to pick up his new cabinet
his word's were,,,,build me another one for the original!!!

i will add a foto of it later when i have them on my computer

07-06-2003, 02:37 PM
jorrit, I know you can get as many orders for such cabinets as you can stand. I had a good friend who owned a good-sized cabinet fabrication & installation shop here in California. He would let me use his facilities to build speaker projects, and without fail whenever I had a cabinet in progress at the shop, it would draw the kitchen cabinet customers there like a magnet. I got a lotof solicitations for building speakers, but it was beyond the limits of my available time.
Another buddy who is an excellent custom guitar luthier started moonlighting at a speaker manufacturer in his industrial shop complex. Before long, he was fully involved in the building of their Adrenaline Line Source speakers, and the company is very proud and rapid in citing this man as their cabinet woodworking master.
Just keep your standards of quality to make what you believe necessary to build proper cabs, and charge for whatever it takes... people easily recognize value in a product of thiis type, and should not attempt to sway your judgement or influence quality standards to get a lesser price...if someone does not recognize what he is getting for his money, then he is not necessarilly a good customer for YOU. And good luck!
a good