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05-09-2019, 11:30 AM

I just purchased a Pair of JBL K2 S9500. Since they still have the original Dias i am wondering if replacing them
with Beryllium Dias would be a good move?
I also have a DX-1, should I run the K2s with them or are there better options available?
Any Input is appreciated but I am technically challenged so please bear with me!

05-09-2019, 12:52 PM
Congratulations on your JBLs. At this point I would do absolutely nothing. Just enjoy them for next several weeks. Go ahead and adjust and fine tune speaker placement (and chair placement), but just listen and get to know them. There is plenty of time for the other stuff later on.

05-09-2019, 06:03 PM
Agreed that's good advice.


05-10-2019, 12:46 AM

trying the DX-1 is a good idea and worth a try. Do you have the DX-1 cards for the S9500?
I had them a few years ago and used them with a replica of the DX-1. It's a very nice and good sounding speaker. It had to go some time ago because of an Everest DD66000.

I wouldn't worry about the diaphragms!
For Beryllium diaphragms I would recommend you to contact Guido Behringer (https://www.behringer-electric.de/).

Maybe your K2 are my old ones! You can recognize it by the lower bass cover: it's made of aluminum.
Many greetings

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05-13-2019, 09:30 AM
Hi Juergen,

It is not advised to change to Beryllium diaphragms in those speakers having a 2 475Nd driver and especially not in a 2-way construction.

The Beryllium diaphragms will fall off much earlier in frequency than the Nd diaphragms do. You also have a 2" driver (with the snout) in the S9500 which normally also falls off earlier than the later 1,5" drivers. JBL did a good job in the filters to compensate for that.

The altered combination would most likely give a very noticeable reduction of treble from about 7-8kHz albeit you would gain some resolution in the mid due to the Be..

The only way I can see that working in S9500 would be using a DSP to correct the frequency curve and Im not sure of the outcome.

JBL never made a 2-way Be large format (4) driver speaker, they are all 3-way for that reason.

I do have Be diaphragms in my main system (2451) but have had to add 045 UHF units. I never got the Bes to work as I want in a 2-way setup, even when my system is all active with a BSS DSP.

A 2-way system is also much easier to optimize. With the knowledge I have today I would not have bought Be dias and stayed with the coated dias in a 2-way setup.

Changing S9500 to Be will give you a different speaker and you will definitely have to do drastic changes to the crossover whether passive or active to compensate for the changed frequency sensitivity.

Kind regards