View Full Version : DSC280 or DBX DriveRack PA2...

03-24-2019, 02:25 AM

I'm building 2 amp racks with MPA1100's and a MPA600.
I have a DSC280 to drive the different amps and would like to have one extra so each rack has it's own x-over.

But, another DSC280 seems hard to get.
And for the price of a 20 year old DSC280, I could also buy a brand new DBX DriveRack PA2...
Lots of features...

But, can I even compare both x-overs and how do the relate?
The question a would like to be answered is: If you're on a budget what makes sence?
Looking for another working DSC280 or buy a new DBX DriveRack PA2 for the same money?

I'm not blinded by gadgets. To me reliability and performance is most important.
Please help me to shine some light on this... ;)

Kind regards,