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01-24-2019, 11:24 AM
Hi all,

A few years ago, I stumbled into owning a pair of 200's in more or less great shape and I've been educating myself on how to bring these beasts to their full potential (on a modest budget). I have very little hope of finding a DX-1 active crossover, but I'm exploring bi-amp options nonetheless. My first stumbling block is a broken speaker wire connector on the speaker. My question is: is this something a neophyte can repair from home, or do you recommend I pay a professional?

Many thanks.


01-24-2019, 12:01 PM
I think the problem is going to be if you can get the crossover out of the back of the speaker. You would need to pull the drivers and disconnect them before you pull it out the back. Even if there is enough slack where you don't have to disconnect the drivers as a minimum you are going to have to pull the woofer out to have a look see. The 116 " lower midrange driver is in a sealed sub-enclosure the crossover wires go into the sub-enclosure as long as you can get them loose as needed you should be OK. Just be careful with the 093TI drivers they are rare as hell and very hard to replace.