View Full Version : 15 inch woofer repair

07-06-2018, 05:00 AM
I bought 4 x 2225 online, got the seller to send me lots of videos and pictures of their condition. No rubbing, sounded and tested fine. When they arrived, 2 of them were rubbing, one a lot more than the other one. They were shipped in pairs so perhaps one package got dropped. On the one that rubbed a lot, the spider had partially detached from the frame. Running a low 30Hz signal whilst the drivers were upside down stopped most of the rubbing, must have had a bit of something stuck in the coil, but there’s still the issue of the spider.

How am I best repairing this? I’ve got JBL Moyen RS 3087 and Sureloc RT80. I find the Moyen very difficult to apply from the tube, is there a better way? Also the foam piece inside the vent has pretty much disintegrated...and it’s rusty, so am I best removing the dustcap to reshim it and glue the spider back?

The one that arrived in 1 piece but was initially rubbing, distorts slightly when driven hard. But it sounds like it comes from the surround, when I press my thumb on one part of the surround the noise goes away. Am I best regluing the surround?

I have quite a lot of 2225 in various conditions, I’m wondering if there’s some servicing I can do to all of them? Like removing rust, replacing foam, etc etc.