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Woody Banks
04-29-2018, 10:31 AM
I just picked up a pair of lancer 77's at an estate sale. The cabinets are in excellent shape. The surrounds are in need of replacing as to be expected but the tweeters were replaced with 075's. A bit of a hack job on the baffle. I am tempted to try to restore these but with the limited availability of the LE20-1 and the bastardized baffle, I may just replace the surrounds and find them a new home.

Mr. Widget
04-29-2018, 11:27 AM


04-29-2018, 11:39 AM
Maybe some Ti 035's and sell the 075's

Woody Banks
04-30-2018, 08:46 AM
Truth is I bought these because of the 075's. I have always liked there looks and sound. The grills were also modified and will need some fixing.

Woody Banks
10-12-2018, 11:42 AM
I wasn't able to locate a decent pair of LE 20-1's but I did find a nice pair of LE 20's. The larger flange required a bit of modification which I hated to do. The big surprise was when I removed the black grill cloth and found the original 70's material in tact and in beautiful shape. This is my first experience with a passive radiator set up. Nice sounding speaker.:applaud: