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Steve Gonzales
12-19-2004, 12:07 AM
What is the deal with the re-gaussing ? Is there some great audible loss with the huge load of Alnico drivers I own ? Do I gotta destroy them there pretty red wax seals to have this done? What is the symptom of a loss of Magnetic Flux in an Alnico. When I have done driver swaps and plain ol' installs, I am still fighting the magnetic pull and when I wind up a few screws short, I know where they went ( I've been accused of having a few "loose" but never short ! ;) ) . It seems like a waste to just get it done to have something to do but that is an uninformed opinion. Will someone please answer these questions ? Thank you

12-19-2004, 07:43 AM
Nothing is opened or removed. OCS did my LE85/H92 without removing the horns. They get $25 a unit. AlNiCo gets weak with age and knocking around.

Since I don't have a Golden Ear, I can't tell if the L300 sound better now than they did before. I think the bass is a bit stronger.

Did not help the L222. LE14A still bottom out too soon as far as I am concerned.

Steve Gonzales
12-19-2004, 09:29 AM
you might have "The Golden Ear", hell, you got the taste! (JBL). Thanks for clearing up this matter. Still think you should let my guy fix those LE14's for you, but , oh well , exhaust EVERYOTHER possilibity UNDER the SUN first! :D . This regauss business reminds me of an old saying that I just made up:
" If it ain't fixed , don't broke it !" :smthsail: But seriously ,I'm sure that there ARE instances where the time and money make it worth it, but first, I would have to sense something is wrong.

12-19-2004, 10:33 AM
Our Moderator has posted several times (and I 'll pass it on to show him I've been paying attention) that the cause of power loss in alnico magnets is not age (although "kicking around" may have some effect) . . . not age itself, but extreme flux modulation which can result from being overdriven for as little as one-half second. As Widget has pointed out a treble driver would have to have been driven to insane levels to experience this, so unless a high frequency driver has had a commercial history there is little likelihood it needs regaussing. A woofer in a home system, however, can experience many turn-on thumps or dropped tonearms and suffer the effect. If I were tweaking an old system and sending drivers in for reconing or new diaphragms I would definitely have the Alnico woofers regaussed and would consider the same for a compression driver unless I was quite sure it had always been used at home by reasonable people. The benefit would probably be realized in the upper range of the frequencies reproduced by the driver, and perhaps tighter bass in a woofer, although in woofy bass I would think there can be other factors such as weakened suspension or inadeqaute damping by the amplifier.

Steve Gonzales
12-19-2004, 10:48 AM
Thank you for the info Speakerdave!! I thought it was akin to "snakeoil" but, I gauss ,er um, guess, there are some useful instances.:D As always, this forum ROCKS!!!!!!!