View Full Version : 3143 question

10-28-2017, 07:57 AM
hello, i'm planing a build and id like to stay w/ original equipment from JBL,
the system is a 5 way with dual 2203/2130 subs.

if i use the 3143 in this system would i be ok by using it to drive dual 2203's
i would use a 3104 to cross the 2405 and the 3143s internal uhf section for the
1" 2420 would i hinder the network using a 1" horn in place of the uhf.

would i be better served using a separate network for the 1" horn, connecting the
uhf to the 3143? n7000/n8000

i understand they are crossed somewhat similarly...

would the 3145 or a 3107 provide more power for a dual 12" cabinet.