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Steve Gonzales
12-18-2004, 04:06 PM
Alright fellow members, the struggle to find an appropriate replacement blue grill cloth has taken a new step forward as after finding some cloth, I sent a swatch of it to member Zilch and he has informed me that the weave and texture is correct but it is slightly lighter but added that there was significant color variation between the original JBL "dye lots" and also added that he would use it unless there was another pair of JBL's in the same room that retained their stock blue grill cloth. I have recovered my L222 Disco's with this material and it looks beautiful (IMHO), so here is the link to it :


If you want a more detailed review of it, I imagine Zilch could answer your questions. I talked to the sales rep and explained what it was for and added that if it indeed was suitable, maybe they would offer a "bulk" discount? He said that this was possible and welcomed. Here is a shot of this very material. I hope that this helps all you folks that have searched high and lo for this. If this works out, it would be a small but meaningful gesture to return, in some small part, the favor of all the great information I have received with my projects. Happy Holidays !!


12-18-2004, 05:37 PM
A $10.00 "Sample" purchase will easily cover several bookshelf speakers. Give it a shot and let us know here....

12-18-2004, 10:15 PM
I just ordered some for some little projects I've got going. I'll compare it to the blue grills on my 4315's and let you know how it looks.


Mr. Widget
12-19-2004, 11:32 AM
Please do give us an update. We are holding our breath.


12-24-2004, 09:27 AM
Well, that cloth from cardomain.com is a little bit different from JBL's. The weave is definitely tighter, (unless really stretched - compare the cross-hatch right below the nameplate - it does have a more "refined" feel than JBL cloth), and the blue is definitely lighter, though not as light as it appears in the pic. In the pic below, it appears lighter than it really is because of the camera flash. It's still nice cloth, and I'll be using it on a couple little projects I've got going, and I would definitely recommend for it replacement if nothing closer turns up. But the search goes on...


12-24-2004, 10:08 AM
Hold them both up to the light. The net free area is the same on the sample Steve sent me, and the little octagonal (?) open spaces the same size, no?

The weave and texture were very close on the sample here, just lighter in color....

12-24-2004, 10:39 AM
Net free area looks about the same, but the "diamond" pattern is definitely larger on the JBL. What's also interesting is that on the JBL the diamond pattern is much more pronounced on the outside - the inside of the grills show mainly the vertical lines. The cardomain looks the same on both sides.

Last interesting tidbit - except for color, the cardomain cloth looks *exactly* the same as the cloth on my L60T's! Definitely a different texture than the studio monitor cloth.