View Full Version : JBL 4770, 4771 or 4773?

12-17-2004, 02:28 PM

How are you?

I live in Sweden and have found a pair of JBL 4771 for sale in Denmark. Does anyone know something more about this speaker? Itīs a big PA speaker but I will use it in my HT. Drivers in each speaker are 2 x 2226H, 2445J, 2385A (or 2380A) and 2 x 2404H. If I buy them I will drive them active using a JBL DSC260.

My current speakers are twoways with 2234H, 2446H and 2382A. Hopefully they will work as a nice center in the future.

JBL Pro, nothing else will do!:D

Best Regards