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12-16-2004, 05:48 PM
hi everybody

do any of our senior members or any member have a set of 240ti that can tell me a comparison to say the L100s, L112s or 4310,4311 . those are some of the pairs that i have ,and am in the process of buying what looks to be a very well taken care of 240ti s ,which of coarse have the le14 woofers ,so i want to know just how excited i should be, are they going to blow me away compared to the 112s ,which IMO sound pretty damn good, so if you gentlemen could tell me are these going to be another pair of jbl speakers that i will fall in love with like all the others i have purchased over the years. i have seen alot of good things written about the ti series on this website so if i could here somemore it would be great .

Don C
12-16-2004, 07:15 PM
I had a set of them, but I had to sell them to pay for the XPLs that I am using now. I miss them, I loved the feeling of air moving in the room that I got with bass drum kicks. I don't think that you will be dissapointed. On mine, the tweeters looked fine, but they were a bit rolled off at the high end. New diphragm kits for the tweeters fixed it completely, you may need to do that too.

12-17-2004, 12:05 AM
About six months ago I lucked into a pair of 120ti's. I absolutely fell in love with their sound from the first time I hooked them up. I've owned L100's, L65's, and and 4312b's before, but in my opinion the 120ti's sound so much more detailed and accurate, they really belong in a different league. I recently took advantage of an opportunity to buy a pair of 240ti's. My rationale was: if the 120ti's were good then the 240ti's must be that much better. Bigger is better, right? I wasn't disappointed. However I don't think there was that quantum leap difference I experienced when I went from the 4312b's to the 120ti's. But what the 240ti adds over the 120ti is much fuller bass notes. It's as if the bass in the 240ti has more behind it than the bass in the 120ti. I still think the 120ti is the cat's meow when it comes to bookshelf speakers. It's just that the 240ti does everything as good as the 120ti but with more authority. Just my opinion anyway. If you can, see if you can audition the speakers before you buy to see if you like them as much as I do.

12-17-2004, 05:19 AM
I had a pair of 240ti's in the house for a while before I sold them to a friend and they are in a completely different league that the L100, L112 or for that matter the newer 4410/4412.
I listened to them a lot compared to my L250's and it was a very close race. My buddy loves them and will probably never part with 'em. The bass is spectacular and is probably their most prominent feature. But the extremely smooth mids and highs are what drew me in.

I'm sure you'll enjoy them a lot !


12-17-2004, 04:34 PM
it seems that there was a reply yesterday that was not here today is that possible. can you delete your own post if you think it is neccesary ,it was posted by one of our senior members ,who's opinion we all i am sure value ,i guess i asking because it was a small cut or large gash ,that i was amused with because it seems that the poor:( L100s take a whole lot of abuse ,and i dont mean by putting sound threw them, so i'm still trying to stitch up the wounds from yesterday about getting rid off those beloved L100s ,L112s,4310s etc. are they really that bad ,for myself i live kind of isolated in the audio world and this site is so much help in knowledge,and its also alot of fun ,you guys are great ,enough blowing smoke ,i am glad to see that the 240ti s are aleast a little more in the high end game so if all goes well i hope to own them in a short ,so if you can keep the info coming , and thanks to all
P.S. come to think of it ,there were two posts that are gone today.:eek:

Steve Gonzales
12-17-2004, 05:01 PM
I've never owned the 240ti's but do use the LE14H-1 driver in my L222's and it is a very accurate bass driver, I'm happy. My brother has L250's and if they sound anything close to them, i think you will be happy. One of my concerns is the placement of these fine speakers. They are rear port outlet models and i've heard that the placement is critical. Maybe some of the members who have already responded could give a little more insight into this issue/non-issue. To my understanding, you may need to move it around (more than usual) to get the corner loading right. Good Luck in any case with your new 240ti's!