View Full Version : Hats off to the Great Lansing Heritage Leaders !!

12-16-2004, 05:41 AM
I just wanted to take a moment and give much derserved "Props" "Kudos" :thmbsup: or whatever you like to call it to the great leaders and founders of this awesome site. The info and fellowship here is second to none.
And I also wanted to say that I have never wanted more to own a pair of L100's more than I do now. I have 300's but those 100's are freakin' hot !

And they are so much easier to move around the house ! Hum, :hmm: I wonder how my wife would feel about having those in the bedroom ? :scold: :screwy: :die:
I want to wrap myself up in those blue grills and roll around on my bear skin rug and ....oooops got carried away there :rolleyes:

Too many names to list to give proper respect, but you guys know who you are. The L100 project is something you guys can all be proud of ! :cool:
Very professional ! The drivers and cabinets are smokin' :spchless:
Too many "Smilies" ?

Charley Rummel
12-18-2004, 06:46 PM
I remember the first time I came across this web sight. It was at the end of November, 2000 (Thanksgiving weekend here in America), and I was surfing the 'net, looking for information about classic JBL speaker products. So, at one point, while on Google (I think), I entered these words, which were prominently displayed across the top of my 1954 vintage C34: 'Jim Lansing Signature'. Among the selections which surfaced, this entry called 'Lansing Heritage Forum' came up. My thought was, "Is this for real?!?."

I clicked on it, and when I originally planned to spend maybe a half hour surfing that night, I was up until around 3:00am just oogling at the treasures I had found. What a revelation!!

Shortly thereafter, I emailed Don McRitchie to introduce myself, and to offer some contributions to this wonderful institution of honoring a true pioneer of great sound.

Yes, I agree, hats off to Don, for his unselfish and unending devotion for providing the leadership which has kept this sight growing, and to the countless others, of whom have each provided their portion to the Lansing Heritage Forum in the many ways which make this websight.

Kind regards,
Charley Rummel