View Full Version : C8r2235 into LE15h

Mike F
03-28-2017, 08:39 PM
Would it work? I cant find any info on the LE15H anywhere :(

03-28-2017, 10:18 PM
Would it work? I cant find any info on the LE15H anywhere :(


Every iteration of LE15 is a short coil in a deep gap. C8R2235 in an LE15 core has no chance in hell to work properly.

03-28-2017, 10:26 PM
That would be the waste of a good cone kit. There are many JBL 15's that share a frame: Alnico D130, 2135, 2230, 135, 2231, 136, 2205; ceramic 2231H, 136H, 2205H, 2225H/J, 2235H. Any cone kit for any of those drivers could go into any of those frames, and except for whatever slight differences there are between Alnico and ferrite, the result would be whatever cone kit was used. However, the 130A/B/C is unique having a different cone geometry and sharing a cone only with its pro version 2220A/B and the ferrite 2220H/J. The LE15 series Alnico and ferrite is also unique, having its own cone geometry and a much deeper gap to enable an underhung voice coil.

If you have a 2235 cone kit and want to make a 2235, usually the easiest route is to find a 2225 frame and install the 2235 cone kit in that. The result would be a 2235 exactly. 2225's were and still are widely used in sound reenforcement and the frames are numerous, though they may be languishing somewhere in a sound contractor's shed. But you can find them.

04-29-2017, 11:20 PM
Recently I got 4 of my 2225 reconed with 2235 kit. I must say it sounds wonderful with Low bass extension, more importantly, the mid bass articulation is really nice, superior to my alnico 2231A.