View Full Version : 4660 - What Crossover Card for Bi-amp?

02-20-2017, 10:43 AM
I recently acquired one of these oddball 4660s with the 2225J woofer and 2346 horn with 2425J CD.

I'm slowly building up a basement system for both listening and home theater using a variety of 70s/80s/90s mostly JBL / Altec pro gear.
Things are still evolving, but here's the basic idea:
Upcoming changes will include a pair of Altec 9440As I'm working on, and possibly an Intersonics Servodrive Contrabass that I just finished rebuilding. I'd also like to add some 2405 or 2404 uhf drivers down the road, and get a mono tube amp on the center horn.

I picked up the 4660 to try as a center channel upgrade, either as-is or maybe customizing into a more traditionally shaped enclosure down the road. The initial center channel was basically just made up pieces I had left over from my original auction lot purchase. Not really ideal, and not really able to match / keep up with the fronts.

Sorry for the long back story. My real question is what would one use in a 5235 active crossover to modify the 4660 for bi-amping? It seems like the 3110A based crossover is perhaps the main limiting factor in power handling, with a number of folks having posted pics of pretty toasted resistors out of these. I'm assuming sensitivity and clarity could benefit as well.

Given what's know about the 4660 crossover:
would anyone have any thoughts on whether any of the standard 5235 cards would be appropriate for the 4660? Otherwise, any thoughts on what a good custom card circuit might be?

Rob Smith