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01-29-2017, 04:35 AM
I had an 2 hour search for these an lucked out
am found an old post where they had been listed
i didn't bookmark the page can't locate
the post I wanted authentic o rings from
jbl not the hardware store can anyone leade
reference the parts numbers do I even need them
trying to order from jbl?
ring radiator

morning thanks

01-29-2017, 07:48 AM
According to the tech sheets and the JBL Transducer Parts List, the gasket (o-ring) on the LE5-12 on the L112/L150/A is the same as the o-ring spec'd for the 104H in the 250ti. That part number is 21771.

For the LE5 10,12, 2, and 9, the parts list shows either no gasket or part number 29931 M. Not sure if that's a gasket or an o-ring.

For the LE10 no gasket is specified in the transducer parts listing. In the L96 tech sheet, the LE10H-1 driver lists a mounting gasket part no. 21770.

01-29-2017, 07:52 AM
I found it the list you referenced
just needing the 2405 gasket or o ring
pn sorry for a double post I've included
the findings of my search there

02-01-2017, 09:49 AM
Do you mind my asking were do you buy these o-ring?

02-04-2017, 10:17 AM
I got mine at a plumbing store. first rate O ring as good or better than JBL. You are never going to see it so whats the big deal on an authentic one?

02-04-2017, 12:24 PM
Good idea, even if not sure they have such things, will check.