View Full Version : Replacing diaphragm in 2447J core, any tips?

01-24-2017, 06:40 PM
Will soon be replacing the diaphragm in a 2447 with a D16R2451SL. Any precautions or tips you guys can share? Tried googling for info or how to videos, didn't find anything too specific.

01-26-2017, 06:42 AM
I really didn't find any videos either. I have only replaced 3 diaphragms but when I do I usually:

Remove the back cover and take a picture, this will be used to verify you have the terminals in the correct location during new diaphragm install.
Remove power leads
Remove each screw place them in a parts tray so they don't go and get themselves attached to anything they shouldn't be attached to.
Removed the diaphragm and place it in a safe location (I usually like to look it over and wonder how a person thought of creating this apparatus)
Take a strip of masking and fold it into a triangle. This will be used to clean the voice coil gap. I try to limit the amount of fingerprints on the point of the triangle that will be going into the gap. I usually use 2 triangles, one for cleaning and one for verifying that's it's clean.
Install the new diaphragm carefully. It should for the most part pop right in. If any force is needed you may have something stuck, you may have to check the voice coils for anything left over from the manufacturing process. Use the picture taken above to ensure correct placement.
Install and lightly snug down each screw in a star pattern. After all screws are in, go over them in the same star pattern for a final time.
Install the power leads
Install the back cover
Run a frequency sweep to see if it's aligned properly. Listen for any scratching rubbing...etc. I like to do this when the cover has been installed so if it works, I'm done with everything.

I'd also get one of these:

The magnet will pull in your screwdriver (and screws) if you are not careful. A clean work area and clean hands are preferred in doing this. Also try not to touch the voice coil and any time. Are hands may be clean but they still have oils on them.