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01-18-2017, 04:48 PM
I work in the developmental engineering world and am used to a practice of building a “proof of concept” version of the device or system and from there defining the final version.

I am using that concept with my speaker system as I am new to this and want some flexibility to experiment and experience different components along the way.

I started a thread, “Speaker recommendations please” a week or so ago which was immensely helpful. As the result of the helpful and informative responses to that thread I decided to try a 128H as a mid-bass. As I am looking for a turnkey version I think a L112’s or 120Ti’s will do nicely. That gives me a JBL representative speaker to use immediately and gives me the flexibility to bypass the crossover and other drivers and use just the 128H as a mid-bass. The box and port will likely require some tuning/modifications but that should be fun and informative and could likely serve as a host for 2206’s if I decide to give them a try.

For the bass I am looking for a pair of L200 cabinets to host the 2235H’s.

Still going to start with the 2405’s for the top end but I am rethinking the 2446/Truextent Be/2380a’s for mids and am looking for suggestions. A CD/horn combination that would complement the other components I have in mind.

Subjective information on how they may differ in sound. HiFi vs SR, etc. I also need general information on horns. How their sound may differ as the result of their shape.

I have been searching and reading posts on AH but would appreciate some specific input.

Many thanks!


01-18-2017, 06:21 PM
I am looking for a turnkey version I think a L112ís or 120Tiís will do nicely

for some unknown reason 120Ti's seem undervalued. I think there may have been more produced than the L112 - in any case, a newer design. It's 044Ti is a fine HF.

IMHO (and I've had many 3 way-12 inch-JBL "bookshelves" - pro & consumer) , it may be the best of the reasonably priced versions. (excluding Century Gold @ $5k/pair :eek:)

02-01-2017, 01:16 AM
I have the three drivers you mention but not all in the same cabinet. I don't think there's much -if any- overlap between the usable frequency ranges of the 2405 and the 128H, so you'll need at least one more driver for your setup.

What kind of crossover do you have in mind? The 2405 is typically used well above 5000Hz, and I've seen 8000Hz reported as a suitable point for it's high-pass filter. The 128H -MIGHT- get that high but certainly won't do it well.

These two drivers (actually the 077, acrylic phase plug version of the 2405) were used in the venerable L-65A with a midrange driver between them. I'm certain that if JBL could have made a 2-way speaker with these, they would have.

[edit] Uhhhh... somehow my eyeballs skipped over your candidates for midrange duty. probably because I'm not immediately familiar with those particular drivers.