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12-27-2016, 05:24 AM

Jbl maybe used 2 separate top horns for their 2405, Id like to usethe horseshoe bracket, however the 2405s im going to purchase look to not have the flushmount screw hole, were two versions produced for the 2405 one flush mount 1 with the square plate as the mountaing point?

No problem either way, as I can mod the inside of the baffle to flush mount the 2405 with the ring clamp. Just want3d to be sure in fact they have a few versions,

01-31-2017, 08:01 PM
Hi bldozier! Congrats! I'm hoping to find some of those myself soon! So....... I can't say I've ever had them so please take my comments here with a few grains of salt. I've assumed from pics online that you could just adjust the bolt and nut at the bottom of the horseshoe bracket to grab the 2405 housing like a compression fit. Is that not it? Also there are the holes - won't three of them line up with three of the four on the bracket that attaches to the 2405 housing?
The square flange has 8 holes right? I've assumed that 4 of them are for attaching to the 2405 housing and the other four attach to the horseshoe bracket. If this isn't the case pls let me know to save myself some headaches. It's hard to tell from just google images. I can't wait to find some for my l300/4333 project which reminds me.....what are you building?

02-01-2017, 02:03 PM
Just want3d to be sure in fact they have a few versions,

There sure were, and not all changes are visible that easily. About two years ago one of the high turnover eBay sellers had a brace of 240x AlNiCO magnets on offer. Not the magnet system, but just what sits inside between pot and pole plate. Interesting were the different sizes of the chunks of AlNiCo on sale in those listings. Wonder if it was smaller sizes as a reaction to perhaps improved AlNiCo compositions (higher B*H), or if it was the same material all the way with some economizing introduced. Or larger=later? A kitchen scale might help...

But i digress -- back to the topic of the horn tops.
The inside of the early horn tops comes with two tiny holes that fit the AlNiCo magnet's fram centering arrangement, whereas the horn tops done for 240xH/J don't have these holes and come with just a bit less of a recess for the ring holding the alu fram material.

02-01-2017, 03:27 PM
Gotcha thank you sir. Have a nice evening