View Full Version : Le14a/le14h cone kit question

12-09-2016, 02:13 AM
I have le14s. id like to make a second set and increase the watts on the speaker...
I see the le14h is rated at 200w vs 60w for the le14a.
Any idea if I could swap a for instance le15h magnet onto an le14a. the le15h is rated at 200w,
gauss is lower as well as fo. k140, 300w to much, e140 400w again too much for me, 2225h 10.0cm vc is that correct as I need 10.2cm, but 200w, 2220a 10.2cm 100w, 2216 150w,. where can I find the magnet gaps for these.

Are the le14a cone kits different from le14h kits? if so how?
from my understanding the cone kit was ifrc 80% of power rating.