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12-07-2004, 10:43 AM
site search seems to indicate a 10" driver of the LE10-variety...and
may have used an LX-3 crossover (to what HF driver?...jbl site says 2" tweeter)
is there any experience or technical info available regarding Minigons?

Thanks in advance.


12-07-2004, 11:22 AM
Hi Grumpy

Not related to "Bill Jenkins" of race car fame, are you?


Not much literature that I have seen except for "SC506" dated 8/59 (not on the site) which states that the Minigon was availiable with two systems.

The first system would be an LE8 speaker only with no hi frequency section.The other availiable componet selection is the S5 system.This contains the LE10, an LX 3 dividing network and the LE 30 hi freq device.

Minigons were sold as individual cabinets,meaning you had to specify right and left for a stereo pair.Componets had to be ordered, times two for filling both cabinets.

Now ,later on the LE10 went away.The 16 ohm LE10 unit was replaced with an 8 ohm speaker(the LE10A) so the crossover was updated for the change.The later crossovers are the LX3-1.

The LE30 hi freq section is listed as an 8 ohm unit when used in operation with the later LX3-1 crossover.I will take a peek inside of one of my early Minigon units (LE10 woofer and LX-3 crossover) and see if the early LE30 was indeed marked as an 8 ohm device.I seem to think that the early ones were 16 ohms.I will check and repost that information.

If you are looking at Minigons make sure the hi freq attachment hardware exists as it is an odd mounting configuration and would be difficult to fabricate.Also,the amount of units produced sporting only the grill cloth as opposed to the usually seen wooden slats is pretty rare.I think the wooden slats look better(and also enhance the bass response) but the grill cloth versions are not as widely seen.

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12-07-2004, 11:52 AM

Thanks so much. There's a local set available w/ wood slats (later vintage also).
This info will really help.

-grumpy (no short bro's or dark-haired dead chick on the table either)