View Full Version : New JBL L150 owner has a silent 033 tweeter.Help?

Greg Elliott
09-30-2016, 07:21 PM
:D I recently aquired a set of L150 speakers, powered by a Yamaha M50 amp 120 watts. Yep I guess I may have pushed it too far? :(Tweeter was working, now nothing from one tweeter.Amp is not causing any problems, I have many other speakers, none this calibre.I have checked eBay,seems the 033 is hard to find, and expensive (blew my budget on the L150's for $700.00 8 hour drive). I have not downed it yet, I did try working the pot back and forth, all these pots sound good, no noise, or drop outs.

So what exactly must be done to use these newer or other tweeters.,066 034 044 035ti tia,:crying: I am a bit lost.I lack good hand tools and skill, so I need an easy fix, and not to expensive.Anyone rebuild these?

I appreciate all info, and leads.I love my Genesis Physics GenesisII speakers with inverted dome tweeter 8" woofer and passive.I was surprised,and pleased the JBL are not that much different sounding.The JBL of course is much larger and richer and more dynamic range.So I like clean sound, West Coast East Coast, if they are accurate, and clean, they sound good to me.I listen to a lot of rock,and jazz, at loud volume in a medium size room. Thanks All!

09-30-2016, 09:09 PM
1) make sure it's the 033 (swap tweeters)
2) a complete rebuild would need a D8R033 kit (possible someone might have one)
3) they do pop up on eBay, often damaged (a pair now for $49), one looks somewhat fixable.
4) might be possible to band-aid a fix if it's just a broken lead (may require some disassembly to find out).

other tweeters are not a drop in.

10-03-2016, 06:46 AM
might have a look at this for other ideas:


Not suggesting it's a drop-in either, from a crossover frequency or level perspective, but does show
what could be done mechanically without modifying your cabinets.

(also, this isn't the best sub-forum [General Audio Marketplace] for a JBL tweeter question, for future reference)


Chris Brown
10-03-2016, 09:29 AM
The 034 is probably as close to a "drop-in" replacement as you are going to get. In some L150 documentation, JBL actually lists the 034 as a replacement for the 033 if the 033 is not available. The 034 fits the screw holes for the 033 and does not require any external cabinet modification.

Where things become problematic is that the 034 has a plastic frame compared to the metal frame on the 033. The tweeter does NOT sit in a sealed chamber. What this means, is that at higher volumes, the plastic frame of the 034 will allow the whole tweeter frame to vibrate like a passive radiator and it sounds bad (rattling, etc).

I'm sure it's possible to either create an internal sealed chamber for the 034 or brace the 034 frame somehow so it can't rattle/vibrate. If you could make something like that work, then I do feel that the 034 would be the best choice. The 034 was sold on many "lower-end" JBLs so they are reasonably easy to find on eBay. Aside from the plastic frame issue though, they really don't give anything up compared to the 033.

10-03-2016, 01:34 PM
Hmm, wonder if this would fit (with or without modification)? It's probably been discussed...
If it fit, a bit of flat black paint...


Think I'd still be looking for 033's or donor systems when them.
Hadn't really given 034's a thought. :o:

10-04-2016, 05:38 AM
Hmm, wonder if this would fit (with or without modification)? It's probably been discussed...
If it fit, a bit of flat black paint...
JBL would call it "vapor deposited" black finish.

. . . but then we've yet to hear back from the OP as to whether or not it's even the tweeter that's the problem!

10-04-2016, 06:52 AM
Please! JBL would call it "vapor deposited" black finish.