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09-18-2016, 06:37 PM
After dreaming about replacing my 4301s with some 4311s for years, I picked up some 4311Bs while on vacation this weekend. They're sounding great, but might need some minor attention. I have 2 quick questions.

The LE5-10 midrange drivers have paper dust caps, I've never seen this before. I've only seen the black aluminum caps, and the inverted paper ones. Anyone know what's up with this? Recone maybe?

Secondly, one of the LE25-2 tweeters has a tiny puncture in the cone. I'm not hearing any issues from this yet, but I should probably do something about this. Think I should patch it, replace it, or recone it? What are recones running on the LE25s these days? When I had tweeter problems with the 4301s about 10 years ago, it was way cheaper to just replace them with used units, not looking like that's the case these days.

Many thanks in advance. Looking forward to years of service from these.

Pics below:


09-29-2016, 05:39 AM
Hello Andrew,

i bought my 4311B's new back in the 70's. Serial Numbers are 3338x. Still have them. They have the black aluminum dust caps on the midrange drivers. Haven't seen dust caps before like the ones on your midrange drivers.

Regarding the tweeter, I would just try filling the hole with a SMALL amount of white glue (Elmer's or similiar), just enough to fill the hole, no more. After the glue dries, it should be nearly invisible.

12-24-2018, 03:32 AM
There is a edge tear on the LE5 that has been "repaired" and there is small tear in the dust cap allowing dust in the gap.. Considering that someone glued a dust cap on the dust cap of the LE25, I wouldn't be convinced the dust caps on the LE5's are original without inspection with a maggy.
They seem to have been subjected to a less than charmed life.....
I would check them all for rubs. For the LE25's, you can use the cover of a Chapstik tube. It will fit right over the dustcap allowing even pressure. Make sure all noise generators are off (TV's, radios, AC/Heat, Computer's etc). You need quiet to hear that one.
You can buy Chinese copies of both drivers. If you want to try that, I would recommend replacing both the the LE25's and LE5's in pairs.
I haven't tried or tested the Chinese versions yet, but if my situation doesn't improve, I just might have to.:banghead:
I wish Great Plains Audio would step up and try to get the licenses to the JBL recone kits and start manufacturing them. They make perfect, flawless copies of the Altecs. They have the original equipment
I bet they could make all the paper/aquaplas/fiberglass cones and assemblies with no problems.
With JBL Pro minimized, no American plant, all China made and with no genuine parts to buy for original JBL components being offered, it seems like Samsung wouldn't care if someone else made the parts.
They only want the auto side of Harman anyway.....

Don C
12-25-2018, 10:44 AM
I think I see the old aluminum dust cap still there. Or at least the outer edge of it. The way some people remove the dust cap is to cut the center out. It avoids tearing the paper of the cone. So this may be a cosmetic fix for a dented dome, just add a second dome in front. Or it could be a replacement. It wouldn't bother me. Much.

12-25-2018, 11:47 AM
Guys . . . GUYS. The thread is two years old.