View Full Version : Dust caps.

08-20-2016, 05:26 AM
My system is the 4315 w/ le14.
Im wanting to use an inverted dust cap on the le14, after do a slight amount of research,
I've read the dc has an affect on mid - uf in coloring.
To clarify would a concave dc have an affect on the le14, its felt not paper as I have yet to find a concave over 4.1" paper concave cap.

Would my mid ( le8t w/ white cones, be better served w/ convex or concave cone as I have seen both, can anyone whom as listened to both give their reaction. 2121 has both 2108 is concave.
1 of my le8t has an aluminum cap should I reuse it?

The 2105 used a concave dc so did a few le5-2 variations. I have 1 of each looking to pair both.