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08-18-2016, 11:43 AM

Full disclosure: I'm clueless about older audio tech.

These are the speakers I currently have:

I got them from my stepfather about 25 years ago. These are fairly large floor models. The only info I got when removing the speaker cabinet was this code: Altec 416z 1969, (possibly the date
at the end?). It was written on the large 15-inch speaker magnet. They are loud as heck, and have a unattractive, swishy, gold-colored grill on the front. I think the horn is a 511(24") or a 811(18")

The problem: Over the last few years the audio from one of them (on the right side) is beginning to cut out more often. Especially when I first power up the amplifier to play them and also at low volume. If I crank up the volume loud then the audio will sometimes cut back in. Sometimes I have to whack it (like Fonzie on Happy Days) on the side of the cabinet to get it to play again. I took it apart hoping to see a loose wire that I could solder but everything looks OK.

The only part that looks like it has the potential to go bad is this one:

Not sure what the name of that part is but it controls the frequency on the horn, I think.

Assuming this part is the culprit of my audio problem, can anyone on this board fix this for me if I ship it to them? How Much?

My hand is starting to kill me and will thank you.


08-18-2016, 12:33 PM
likely the potentiometer (thing the control knob turns).
Where is "L.A."? ... might be able to clean that up.

08-18-2016, 01:48 PM
likely the potentiometer (thing the control knob turns).
Where is "L.A."? ... might be able to clean that up.

Well, I spoke too soon. I just got done removing the potentiometer and after prodding it for a few seconds I noticed one of the three wires connecting to the dial had come loose inside its insulation. That was why a "problem" wasn't immediately apparent the first time I looked at it. I soldered it neatly, then used electric contact spray on everything else, wrapped the wire connections in electrical tape and put it all back together. So far it hasn't cut out yet. We'll see after I binge-watch House of Cards this weekend if it acts up again.

Thanks anyway Grumpy. I appreciate the help.


08-18-2016, 04:01 PM