View Full Version : JBL 4530 questions!

retro soulman
07-30-2016, 05:22 PM
Hello. I got a pair of jbl 4530 clones loaded (for now) with gauss 4580 a version with paper dust caps... I also got a pair of k140 that getting a rest for now.
On hf drivers i got a pair of jbl 2445j with 2390 lenses (also got 2365 horns) and for tweeter the 2404h


1st. Whats the best crossover point for that system? 500,800 or 1200?

2nd. I was thinking the bi-amplification, i got an active jbl crossover with 1200hz cards and im thinking of get a crown dc 300 amp just for my woofers. Will that improve my sound or it will add dirt?

3rd. I found on ebay a very nice pair of 2225 woofers. I know they are not the best for horn loaded cabinets but they work, also i need spare drivers. The only problem is that they are the 16ohm j version... Will they work with classic jbl crossovers or ill have to make my own? Also on bi amplification are ok for the crown dc 300 with their 16ohm?

My system is a home listening system and it plays most of the time jazz

Lee in Montreal
07-31-2016, 02:19 PM
To run a 4530 in a home setting, chances are that you won't need more than 10 watts. So you DC300 is way more than adequante.

The 2390 slants get crossed higher than the bigger 2395 which can be crossed around 700/800Hz. I suggest 1/1.2Khz for your smaller 2390