View Full Version : Help needed regarding placement 250TI's in a difficult room

07-14-2016, 11:15 PM
Had to move house due to unforeseen circumstances and am trying to get the best out of my new (to me) JBL 250TI's. Apologies for the mess but I am still getting everything packed away but the stereo room was one of the first things I set up.

The room is fairly strange but if your from my part of the world older houses like this are common.

The room is fairly large but a common wall with two large openings split the room up into two annoying pieces. Please see the pictures and measurements I have added.

Right now the sweet spot on the 250TI is very narrow and the I am getting use to the treble being at the top of the soundstage which just may be inherent with there design.

Upgrades to come but for now I just want to sort out placement, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


07-19-2016, 10:02 AM
Hi! Try that simple rule: in mono place one speaker at your listening point/seat. Now you sit and move around the area you want to set them up. Find the best location for sound.
Maybe playing a mono record will help you to find the best toe in when both speakers are on the place you've found for best imaging.
You may try some youtube tutorials but YMMV...