View Full Version : what JBL speakers to put in double w' bins.

07-05-2016, 09:37 PM
Hi guys first post here, glad to have found a forum like this, as i have been scratchin my ed.

i bought x2 double w bins or dw for short, that hold 15" drivers
and two speaker boxes that hold x2 15" and large horn; about 400mm wide. pretty much width of box.

so i go and buy two 2225's and two e140's at very good prices after scouring ebay .

but i think i may have wrong drivers. which i why i need a guru.

what the hell do i put where?

my goal is out door eclectic dance music, but prefer quality of sound over volume.

i bought an itech8000 for $450 and it cost 600 to fix, i bought a new peavy speaker managment system and a 12 chanel snake.

thats it. need eq etc

so i need your advice on what to put in DW's for bass, as well as double 15" with horn.

i know its a big old system, but its what i got.

i did go digital, and am in half a mind to sell and go all analog, if only to simplify as im not a full on tech.
more of a muso who wants to have fun.

in fact im thinking of calling system morphun!

ok enough about me, what do you think about me?